20 enero, 2010

Campus Kennington

Les comparto un testimonio que escribí en inglés, a petición de Jeannette, sobre mi tiempo de capacitación en MTY . Ese fue a mediados de la segunda semana que estuve allá, pero espero dar más noticias (en español) sobre el tiempo de regreso a casa y lo que he estado procesando desde entonces...

Mi name is Alejandra, and I am new staff for student ministry in Tijuana, México. This intensive training course with the Kennington family (which is not over yet!) has been a great experience in Bible learning. Since the day we got here we were welcomed as family, and even our time at the table means sharing about what we have learned about God, and his plan for humanity seen throughout the Bible. One of the things that has made a deep impact in my life has been sharing so closely with the Kennington´s, and being able to see their love and faithfulness for God´s word. Their lives are inspiring and I have been amazed by their love, patience, teaching and hospitality.

In my first week, Becky and I got to study a course from Moore Theological College with Jeanette, and this week we are studying Ephesians with the other 2 staff workers in these training course. Being able to dedicate almost all day to study of the Word is life changing. I have experienced how God has transformed my mind in regards to his work of salvation and reconcialiation, and I have been humbled by the grace that God has poured in my life. It is hard to put in words all that I have learned, but I can say that my knowledge of God and his love has deepened, and I am very grateful that my first 2 weeks in full time ministry has been studying God´s word and being trained so I can equip others for the work of sharing the gospel in the colleges and universities.

With love and gratefulness. In Christ,

Alejandra Ortiz

en un tiempo de película!

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